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With Us You'll Get Quality, Done-For-You Podcasting! It's like having a Full Post-Production Studio Just For You. 

 Massively Time-saving, All You Do Is Record An Episode, Send It To Us, And We'll Take Care Of The Rest! 

If Your Could Reach Millions Of People Around The World By Recording Your Next Conversation... Would You Push Record?

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If your still wondering why you should start a podcast I'm here to ask you....

Why Not Start A Podcast

Podcasts are one of the most efficient ways to reach and connect with millions of people around the world. 

People who consume podcasts actually want to hear what you have to say

So, As you continue to produce high-quality audio content that adds value to your listeners, you can effectively sell them whatever you have to offer. 

 Don't Believe Me...? Lets Look At The Numbers

An Edison Research Study of Media Trends and Consumption Habits concluded that in 2020 Podcast Listeners Grew by 16% over 100 Million Americans Monthly

that same study also revealed that the average amount of time 
Americans spent listening to podcasts grew to over
6 hours weekly!

A survey of over 300,000 podcast listeners found that over 60% of people 

purchased a product or service from a podcast host they listen to!

The numbers a trending towards this truth...

Podcast's Capture People's Attention & Time Better than other types of Content

Also, Changing Technologies Are Helping Make Podcasting more Popular and Accessible

Technologies like Clubhouse, Stereo, and Popular tech companies like facebook and apple are continuing to innovate podcasting by creating platforms to support podcasting and live content creators.

Investing in Podcasting  Makes Complete Sense

Especially when you look at the numbers. Essentially, out of 100% of podcast listeners in North America:
81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads
60% of listeners have bought something from a podcast ad
54% are more likely to consider the brand advertised (only 7% are less likely)

All by Simply Recording Conversations...

You Can Build An Unlimited amount Of Loyal Listeners, By Simply Recording Conversations..

..We'll take care of Everything else!

Its Undeniable...

Podcasting is Still an Untapped Marketplace That Allows Creators to:

Grow A Loyal Audience
Scale Intimacy
Build Credibility
"Sell" without Selling

Ok So....If Podcasting Is So Popular and Perfect, Why Don't more Business Owners, Influencers and Entrepreneurs Have one? 

Sure, Totally legitimate question...

Again, when you look at the numbers, it's a no brainer to start a podcast.

Especially when you see how over 40% of podcast listeners who are tuning in more than 5x's a week make an annual household income of over $75,000.00!! 

Sounds like an ideal customer to me.

See, Business Owners understand the power that having a loyal following brings to their brand. 

The biggest roadblock is:

Podcasts demand a ton of time and work behind the scenes to set-up, run, and maintain without a team.

Its not the same as posting a blog or an instagram ad, you can't just start podcasting and make it big like that...

It requires a logistical operation, branding, and more...

Even if you have the skills for editing out distractions, and mistakes, or even place music in the right place...
You'll still need to master the video editing skills, the social media skills needed all while running your business..? 

Its too much...

For the business owner it doesn't make sense to spend the time it would take to create a finished episode. 

Not to mention all of the planning involved, it could easily take 6 months of learning before you can even start to see the impact of podcasting on your business.

For many people, the time and energy it takes to podcast regularly on your own without a team is too much of a strain for any business to handle.

So, Instead Of Leaving An Engaged, Eager, Unsaturated And Willing Audience To Your Competition..Let Us Help!

Who are we...

We Are

Your Turnkey Podcast Production and Management Service

Launch Your Own Podcast In 30 Days

From Concept to Execution

We offer a completely 'done-for-you' service. literally, all you need to do after launching is focus on content creation, we'll take care of the rest.

What Makes Our Service So Great?

Complete Audio Production

Our team of editors work with some of the best technologies to ensure you audio sounds pristine and professional, As you know high quality audio makes you sound professional. Each podcast gets assigned an editor to  turn your episodes from RAW unedited files into an Audio Podcast masterpiece. 

Unique Intro & Outro

Our Podcasters enjoy access to a large library of curated music to ensure that the music we choose not only accentuates your brand, but helps you stand out in your market. The Most important impression is the First one, and we don't take that lightly. We'll work hard to ensure your intro and outro leaves a great impression.

Cover Art

Let us help bring your podcast to life by making the best out of your podcast thumbnail photo. Our designers will master the 1400 X 1400 creative space that will be your introduction to your target audience. We'll ensure you grab their attention.

Audiograms For Social Media

If you do not already know, Audiograms are short clips of your content that helps to promote you to new listeners. Your assigned editor will select the best parts of your episodes to help create huge impact to draw in listeners.

Title's, Descriptions & Transcriptions

We'll even Name your episodes for you, with creative eye catching keywords that will drive the curiosity of your audience to listen to your episodes. We'll take care of the descriptions and transcriptions as well.


When we say just record and send it to us, we really mean that. Once you launch your episodes are manicured to perfection, we then make sure that it reaches the moon and is available on all streaming platforms.

Here Is What Some Of Our Clients Say About us


"I personally Recommend talkedits to any podcaster or potential podcasters who want to make sure their podcast sounds clear, crisp and up the the Industry Standard."

Tom Goodlet

Host, The Potentalist Podcast


"Working with talkedits has made this entire process more enjoyable and we are proud of every episode they have produced for The Real Marriage Podcast."

Griffin & Heather Gilstrap

Hosts, The Real Marriage Podcast

"So Easy"

"I wasn't too sure about starting a podcast, but they made it so easy to get done. By my fourth episode I already had two paying clients. Great Service."

Inez Diaz-Pena, M.S., CSC

Host, Light Of Dawn Ministry Podcast

Talkedits Offers A Truly Exceptional Time-Saving service at An Affordable Price

So Who's This For?

Absolutely ANYONE, Especially you.

We exist for ANY smart business owner who wants to capitalize on the power of podcasting, but doesn't have the time to spend or a team to help.

Our service will help you share your knowledge, build a following, get your message across the world and really make a difference in peoples lives.... half the time it would take you otherwise!

When You Partner With Us To Start Your Podcast, You'll Get All Of The Benefits Without Any Of The Work.

including Launching a brand new podcast in 30-days or less!

All you focus on is scaling and growing your existing business. We'll take care of all of the editing, production and busy-work that eats up so much time.

Once you've positioned yourself with your existing audience and drive them to your new project - all you'll need then is to just record some content and send it to us.

We'll then take your content and turn it into a polished end product that they'll consume and want to come back for more. 

...We can even help you create an additional income stream!

Here Are Our Packages

Package 1

Basic Launch

Launch Strategy Call
6 Launch Episodes
6 Audiograms
6 YouTube Thumbnails
Podcast Trailer
Podcast Art Work
Intro & Outro
Podcast Distribution
(20+ Platforms)

Your Monthly Podcast Management includes:

4 Episodes
Audiogram for Each Episode
Show Notes
Done-For-You Publishing and Editing

Package 2

Plus Launch

All Basic Features Plus:
6 Basic Show Notes
6 Captioned Social Media Videos
Upload Audio To Podcast Host
Upload Video To Youtube

Your Monthly Podcast Management includes:

4 Episodes
Audiogram For Each Episode
Show Notes
Done-For-You Publishing and Editing
Podcast Distribution (Video to Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, etc) 
Captioned Social Media Video

Package 3

Pro Launch

All Plus Features And:
6 Quote Cards
Adv. SEO Optimized Show Notes
Timestamps + Resources Mentioned
6 Blog Header Images
Upload Show Notes to WordPress

Your Monthly Podcast Management includes:

4 Episodes
Audiogram For Each Episode
Adv.  Show Notes
Done-For-You Publishing and Editing
Podcast Distribution (Video to Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, etc) 
Captioned Social Media Video
Quarterly Strategy Calls
Promotional Graphics

$1295 Launch Fee

$1995 Launch Fee

$2450 Launch Fee

Get The Team You Need To Run A Powerful Podcast Where you Just Talk & We'll Take Care Of The Rest.

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